what i've learned from menuing + this week's menu


As weeks go by with our new 3-meal-a-day menu, I've learned some things.

  1. The menu is a strongly suggested guide for my sanity, not set in stone. Some nights I switch dinners from one night to the next because things come up and I might need an easier meal to prep. Or I need to use up other ingredients before they go bad. So I'm learning to be flexible or the menu could become stressful.
  2. Have a slot in the menu open for a "leftovers" night and busier family days, like Saturday lunch and dinner, open for change.
  3. Plan a few new recipes and keep some tried and true recipes on your menu.  Then you know you can rely on happy kids for the 'ol reliable recipes and you can hope for success on the new ones.
  4. Plan your menu alongside your calendar.  I have to know what is going on most days to know when to plan new recipe dinners and quick meals based on our weekly activities.
  5. Familiarize your husband with the menu.  Sometimes Bobby has meal requests, sometimes he buys a random cut of meat I didn't know about and need to use up, and sometimes he makes the kids lunch (on Fridays when I'm at my gym class).  I love that I can make it easy for him and he can refer to our menu for the kiddos.

And with that, here's this week's menu:


Breakfast- eggs two ways: scrambled (kids) and bacon, leek, tomato crustless quiche (refrigerate and freeze leftover slices)

Lunch- clementine and cream smoothie + mix and match trail mix bar (variety of nuts, coconut, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate chunks)

Dinner- grilled salmon + roasted brussel sprouts (with Johanna's Family Home Evening treat)


Breakfast- Cinnamon Faux-st Crunch Cereal and fruit

Lunch- turkey, cheese + avocado roll ups, frozen banana pops

Dinner-  spicy slow cooker shredded pork*, lime, avocado slices, grain-free tortillas* + salad


Breakfast- breakfast sandwiches: grain-free buns (from the fridge), sausage, avocado, fried egg

Lunch- At Grandma's

Dinner- Chiappas Sisters' Chicken with Creamy Oregano Sauce* (awesome chicken recipe) + steamed buttered broccoli


Breakfast- Perfect Paleo Banana Bread + milk

Lunch- Tapas party: cubed salami, cubed cheese, chopped fruit, PayDay peanut snack bar, carrots, apple dippers, etc.

Dinner- leftovers night


Breakfast- soft boiled eggs + clementines

Lunch- roast beef + cheese melts on grain-free loaf (in the freezer) + frozen banana pops

Dinner- Bobby cooks (Kids choice night)


Breakfast- my mud run (remaining cinnamon cereal and fruit)

Lunch- pack a lunch

Dinner- Brie, Ham & Green Apple (Grain free) Panini


Breakfast- big waffle (coconut meal waffles*--one of my favorites) + sausage breakfast (watch General Conference at home as a family)

Lunch- smoothies (kids) & loaded protein shakes (for me and Bobby)

Dinner- At the Shifflers

*Tried and true recipes we love

Baking Prep:

  • Cinnamon cereal
  • Banana bread
  • Make almond meal
  • PayDay peanut snack bar
  • Frozen banana pops

{A perfect example of Bobby's lunch making with the kids last Friday and him "showing me up".  This is his version of my simple peanut butter apple rounds.  He made a peanut butter-cream cheese-heavy cream spread, drizzled the lemon soaked apple rounds with melted dark chocolate, and topped with chopped peanuts.  He always tops mine.  Always, darn-it.}

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