isobel's mermaid

IMG_0452 Back when I received the book Wee Wonderfuls for Christmas, the girls and I had our eyes on this doll for little Isobel, their cousin.


This was the first doll, although small, that I've ever made.  It took some time to get used to the small detail work; stuffing poly-fil into little limbs, machine embroidering little details like the fin and hair, and embroidering the tiny face.

The all-day car ride to North Carolina meant we could pass the mermaid around and around in the car for everyone to get one last hold and conversation with the mermaid.  You can imagine we were all ecstatic (and a little sentimental) in handing this mini mermaid to her very own Isobel.



And so the mermaid enjoyed being rocked to sleep, sitting on Isobel's dresser, and meeting her new family within the walls of Isobels' world.



Happily, little mermaid, you now live close to the ocean.  Could your maker want anything more for you?