My house looks like there's been an internal explosion on most mornings.  You know how it is - all order is the first thing that goes when mama isn't feeling quite herself.  Yesterday I had a bit of revelation, though, to the overwhelming task ahead of me with every pile and every corner of the house: focus on one corner at a time.  Brilliant, I know.  And so we began in the one room that has thoroughly gone unsupervised for days now, the girls' art room.

I changed things up a bit and gave each girl some responsibilities to be proud of.  Ainsleigh was in charge of sharpening, a task she took quite fondly to...


Caroline and Johanna were in charge of specific art supplies and their condition.  They felt very professional with clip boards to accomplish the task.  Caroline was designated to report any supplies that were needing replacements or added to - that was the most exciting list as you can imagine.


The art room still looks like a disaster, but the internal organization is coming together.  New paper to put on shelves, the routine scraps paper to pick up, dried-out markers to toss (we're taking a break from markers for a while), and someday, going through the mountain-of-a-pile of artwork that builds each day in a basket under the piano.

Today we're meeting our "egg lady" that we trade with for her chickens' eggs (more on that later), to the library, and then to find paint for Johanna's headboard we just acquired.  I'm hoping for a turquoise blue.

the sleepy time gal