introducing art to babes

IMG_0797 Once my children realize that they can create their own markings on paper, I feel ready to let them experiment.

Ainsleigh and Annabelle watch and watch their sisters sit for long periods of time drawing, coloring, totally lost in the process.  And now it is their turn.

IMG_0783 IMG_0791

Their special little baby pencils arrived recently.  I've always wanted my children to be able to create with these while quite young, and now the twins are the first!  The extra thick, soft lead made it ever so easy for them to make their markings and actually see what they themselves had done!  It was pretty special for me to watch these "big girls" creating and feeling so proud.


Good art supplies make all the difference.  Thankfully my mother-in-law, an artist as well, takes that concept seriously and at holidays helps stock their supply.  Oil pastels for Christmas this year.  Talk about brilliant colors.


I like age appropriate pencils for beginner writers and artists.  For my Johanna, 3, these triangular trimax graphite pencils are extra thick and comfortable for her learning to hold a pencil.  (You can get a great eraser for these, too.)  And for Caroline, 5, I like these intermediate #2 learner pencils.  These pencils have an eraser attached.


A child is better able to create when their art supplies actually do what the child wants them to do.  Real art supplies are worth the investment.  They definitely will out live lesser quality products.  I am always looking for places that are getting rid of their older art supplies.  Look around your house for supplies that you might of bought for an art class in college and that haven't been used for a while.  Check out yard sales and thrift stores.  Start building an array of supplies that will last through all of your kids.

What medium do your children love to create with?  I'll be having an awesome giveaway very soon based on your answer!