into the morning...


Before 2am this morning:

  • Relaxed to Hitchcock's North by Northwest. The Netfix movie has been burning in my mail slot, waiting for a month for us to watch it.  Love Hitchcock.  (And cut out fabric while I watched, of course.)
  • Made a gathered skirt for Caroline's first choir concert (tonight!) of black velvet remnants. (I hope it fits this morning when she tries it on--I did what you have to do at midnight: guess.)
  • Completed the last pile of homemade fabric Christmas bags.   I have wanted to transfer over to fabric instead of wrapping paper and have enjoyed the journey.

IMG_2173 IMG_2091

I have a little tutorial Monday for these fabric bags.  I love the versatility of fabric for wrapping presents!  And you could easily make a pile for your own holiday celebration with plenty of time to fill them.

What are your plans this weekend?  Baking?  Shopping?  Reading?  Family Outings?

the sleepy time gal