interlude: design for shabby apple


I'm breaking up the Food and The Home series this week to feature something that I couldn't pass up.  Tomorrow we'll be back to the series.

Two things I wanted to share with you:

1.  I'm excited to be the featured blogger this week on the Time Out for Women blog.  Check it out here.

2.  My sister is submitting a design for a contest that I wanted you to be a part of!

So, my sister (busy mother of three little children), has been trying to get back into fashion design and came across a design contest for the company, Shabby Apple. She decided to use the contest as motivation to get back into the groove of designing.  And today I have the opportunity of featuring her contest entry!  You can go vote for the best design of Shabby Apple dresses from August 17th through September 10th. The winning design will be manufactured and sold at Shabby Apple.  (Don't worry, I'll remind you.)


Take it away Amy:


Being a mother of three small children, I have grown to love beautifully illustrated children’s books. My inspiration for my design and color story comes from one of these. The book is titled, ‘The Moon-Marked Forehead’, by  Mehraan Zamaani and is written in Persian.  Absolutely beautiful.  I love the shapes, colors and intricate design involved in the pages. I found it in the International Children’s Library collection. It’s a wonderful way to read (or see, if it is written in Persian), exotic and old children’s books. The website is a great favorite of mine.


My fabrics are primarily cottons. I like the cotton sateens or the lightweight chambray/denim to be used for the dress. The printed cottons or jacquards would be used for the accent belt. I particularly like the navy chambray together with the metalized clay jacquard for the belt. The swatches came from the renowned Mood Fabrics.


My design features a sort of wrap dress. The sleeve is a soft kimono style which is then tapered into a pleat, making a soft round shoulder. The fullness of the dress is taken in with diagonal pleats around the middle, just above the natural waistline. The dress then flows to a full A-line silhouette to the length of the lower part of the knee. Over the pleated waistline would be an accent belt that has been topstitched and tied into an asian styled bow.


Thanks, Amy.  The top 15 entries will be posted on the Shabby Apple blog by August 17th.  Don't forget to vote!


See you back tomorrow with more food....


the sleepy time gal