The new Sleepy Time Gal Flickr Group is up!

I've been so excited to have a Flickr group so I can see all of the things that are you; I hope my blog has inspired you, now I want you to inspire me.

What have you created for your family, home, yourself (arts, crafts, food, organization, traditions)?

What have you discovered and made your own (thrift store finds, repurposing, etc.)?

Which of life's moments have you caught through photography to share with us?

This is the place to show us all. I will frequently pick what you've added to the STG Flickr group that inspires me and share it on the Sleepy Time Gal blog.  I've put a few pictures up just to get the ball rolling.  Some of creating, good eats, and such.

Never used Flickr before?

  1. Sign up for free.
  2. Create a profile.
  3. Upload photos to the STG Flickr Group.
  4. Leave a comment describing the photo.  If you have instructions for projects or recipes on your personal blog, leave the URL for us to follow.

I am so excited to see how YOU are thriving in your own world.  The STG Flickr group can be our collective place to celebrate what we work so hard to create: a beautiful life for ourselves and our families.

Start sharing!

the sleepy time gal