indoor snippets



We've spent most of our days indoors this week.

What in the world do we do with all of that time?  Here are some of my favorite snippets...


{paper dolls and mini "best ever" banana muffins while it rains outside}


{a late afternoon visit to our local historical society's museum for our newest mania}


{another exciting week of family "secret pals"}


{my secret pal has me and I have her--she doesn't know that of course.}


{Caroline and Johanna finally got to make their own fairy dust--silver and gold tinted}


{another birthday embroidery finished up at dentist appointments and enjoying company}

I don't see all of the experimenting/making/imagining/discovering taking place under this roof sometimes until I see my photographs.  I go all day, constantly moving, until the darkness outside reminds me the day is at its end.  The concept of slowing down isn't necessarily practical with a family of seven but the mental/emotional concept of it is.  I have to remind myself of it daily and it can be hard on those difficult days.  Rowan is growing up right before our eyes and my twins are writing and saying the funniest things and my older girls are giggling about boys and I know someday I'll long to have these days back.

And so I go my usual speed but let go of this and that in the moment to really slow down for each child when they need it most.  I'm realizing it is the attempt of it that means the most to my children.   And someday I'll be so glad, even in my imperfection, I tried.

the sleepy time gal