indecision and baby animals


Good morning!

My kids are running around in the front yard in their pajamas.  Bobby is flying home on a plane this evening.  And I just made a huge decision not to follow through with some exciting plans we had for the day with friends.

Do you have those moments?  

Where you know what is best for you and your family, like maybe canceling plans because of circumstances, but you feel too guilty to change your plans last minute?  I've spend the past few hours going back and forth on what to do, all the while knowing what my little family needed today--a slow day.  And so I finally made the decision and feel so much more peaceful and happy about our day.

I see my husband make choices so confidently and then, there I am in line at the ice cream shop, with too many choices to even know where to begin choosing a flavor!  

 Do you struggle with indecision?  How do take responsibility for your family when previous decisions might be better off if changed last minute?   I'd love to hear.

On another note, I've had a simple sewing project that I'm halfway through hand-quilting.  I love this fabric--Woodland Tails.  It is a panel I bought back when we were waiting to find out if we were having a girl or boy.  Now I love the fabric and colors even more knowing that a little baby boy will be pulling his head up on this blanket and touching the little animals with his chubby fists.

the sleepy time gal