in the kitchen...


{family night black and white popcorn}

{teff peanut butter cookies for gluten free friends--awesome cookies even for those that eat gluten!}

 {teff bread--loving this very mild whole grain from Ethiopia}

{they love baking almost as much as they love each other}

{our homemade granola for our teachers}

{granola in quart ziplocks for freshness, wrapped in brown sacks for festiveness}

 Our kitchen is slowly coming alive this December.  It comes in spurts and in those spurts we batch as much as possible until either Rowan needs mommy or everyone's lost interest.  In which case, I happily bake without eight hands wanting/needing jobs.  I do love those peaceful moments alone in the kitchen.


This Christmas' baking list is short as our lives are busier than usual with rehearsal travel and oh, I don't know, just wearing down from all the activity around here lately.  For this reason, I am most grateful for other people's Christmas baking.  And so are my children.  The list of cookies they ask me to make is indirectly satisfied by others' generosity.  Thank you, mom, for the two tins of cookies we've already gone through--now I'm off the hook a bit.


On another note, tomorrow I have a little giveaway right before Christmas that I think you'll be quite excited about!  See you tomorrow.


the sleepy time gal