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Thank you for the warm wishes and enthusiasm from yesterday's news.  As you can suspect, our home as been filled with thoughts of everything baby from the little people I once called babies.  There is baby-doll rocking, Caroline's (very lofty) sewing plans from [amazon_link id="B006ZEYUR4" target="_blank" ]Handmade Beginnings: 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby[/amazon_link], Ainsleigh and Annabelle sporadically shouting "We're having a baby!", and all of them wishing the fall would come sooner.

Indeed mama would love fall to come sooner to make the present time speed past.   This is my first pregnancy enduring my previous stomach pains with morning sickness.  There is more experimenting going on out of my desperation - I'll keep you posted.  For the morning sickness, I did just discover Reed's Ginger Candy Chews while I was looking for Reed's Ginger Brews at the store.  I just chew a bit of the ginger candy throughout the day to ease a bit of the morning sickness.  It helps pass the time (along with catching up with Downton Abbey at night).

I have to say that my fourth pregnancy, fifth child, has brought more joy than I believe I've ever felt for any of my pregnancies.

I've finally figured out why.

 It is the first pregnancy where my other children aren't necessarily little babies themselves.  Our family is older, active, and more experienced being a family unit.  We understand how special another child means because we've lived and loved and worked together long enough to realize what we have and how each member really makes our family special.  It means I can see the purpose and power in family more than I ever have before.  Adding one more child means making us more as a family in so many ways.  My joy becomes fuller for the family that is my life.

And if you were wondering - yes - a little bit of new fabric has arrived, some for baby of course.  I'm not really doing any of anything these days, but keeping the stash of fabric next to me on the couch satisfies and yet, excites the hushed creative side of me right now.

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