i'm grateful




{Johanna's gingerbread family and our first grain-free gingerbread cookies--they turned out delicious.}


{The tree continues to be decorated daily by little hands.}


{Finally coming to an end with one of the gifts I've been most excited to make.}


{Caroline using up my Christmas scraps for hankies, pillows, mini purses, mini notebooks…}


{The hush of the house in the early morning hours.}

I'm grateful...


~The Nutcracker is over (My voice is actually in this video for CPYB's Nutcracker--just realized it!)

~There remains two days to start/finish Christmas making for my girls

~For homemade eggnog

~My daughters love to sing which makes caroling really one of my favorite Christmas traditions

~For Amazon Prime two-day shipping

~To have time with Johanna this morning to make her special present for her siblings (homemade fruit snacks)

~For the incredible anticipation that is felt by everyone this close to Christmas


the sleepy time gal