i'll take the buckwheat

IMG_9842 Life's experiences definitely take you places you would have never discovered on your own.  Like buckwheat flour, for example.  I'm embarking on a non-gluten, non-dairy (which I have been doing recently, kind of) and other food removal approach to healing my stomach.  The inspiration to try this came from many different sources and feels right. I have a feeling that this way of life might stick around, too, based on this book that has greatly inspired me.  I can't believe how right I feel about it, the fact that each blood type has a different diet that works best for its body.  Very fascinating and right on with so much about what I, a type O, do well with.  (Even down to how I relieve stress.)


So buckwheat will become a friend, not just an acquaintance like it has been over the years as I bake with whole grains for my family.  More on that as I go...

On another note, I'm feeling alive again with planning my family's life and returning to the homemaker role, full force.  There are some exciting things to come that I can't wait to tell you about, through the blog and beyond.  I'll share the biggest announcement tomorrow!!!!

the sleepy time gal