humbled to know them


These girls no longer accept being referred to as "little girls."  They correct us, "No, I'm a big girl!"

This is a celebratory time and sometimes, a trying time.  They demand dresses and ponytails every morning, now follow me into the ladies room out in public, know when I'm speaking "code" to the older girls about some activity I once thought was too old for them, and well, they simply have transformed into little ladies.

I've stopped referring to them as "the twins" as much as I can and call them by their names.  I watch them and see how much they are trying to catch up with their older sisters.  They try so hard.

Raising twins is so different and wonderful and difficult.  Car trips, for example, are quite intense in their current phase.  They team up in shouting and songs and persistent cries.  And when they both throw tantrums you lose all motherly instinct on how to react.  Intense is the only word I can think of to describe all of their difficult phases.

Yet in contrast, their bond to each other is indescribable and, for the most part, perfect.  They can't stand to be away from each other--they find security and safety in each other.  It is like a magnetic force keeps them together at the hip.

I believe it took potty training these girls recently to show me how much they should and must be celebrated.  For once in a blue moon, they took center stage and I realized how much they needed the spotlight.  They both seemed to grow and mature in a matter of days.  I saw how different they are, how they approach challenges and successes so differently.  I saw how they needed their mommy in different ways.  I saw more clearly how they are separate and unique in personality and yet, how empowering they are together at a new task.

There have been many moments in their lives that I've wondered how we'd get through doing two of everything.  Now I see the beauty and strength to their unity.  They amaze me, beginning this life literally skin to skin in my tummy, their bond unlike any other I've observed.  I feel honored to witness it.

the sleepy time gal