How I Want to Remember It All

This has always been my favorite place to just sit in the rocker and watch my children read, play, and be children. There is something about the way the warm sunshine shone in from the window to greet their happy faces bright and early in the morning.

Ahhh... our frustratingly small but wonderful kitchen. Many a nights we stepped on little toes, ran into each other, and barely found counter space to cook with piled dishes at every turn.

Our bedroom, Johanna's first room (for her first 10 months of life, including many months in the walk-in closet), and Bobby's office in the corner. I'll miss the afternoons all piled on the bed, trying to occupy ourselves while we watch and anticipate Bobby's work day complete as he types busily on his computer.

The living room. Where the girls and I lived everyday for 2+ years. This room's decor and arrangement has changed as often as the season's of our family's lives. Too many memories to mention.

This dining room reminds me of all the birthday parties, baby showers, and social events we've had. But my mind smiles upon the chaos, the laughter, and the first prayers of our little children that all took place at family meal times, day in, day out.

This is our last night here. The house is mostly bare. The children asleep, Bobby, falling asleep upstairs on a mattress on the floor. As emotional and difficult as this is to move on, I wouldn't trade the satisfaction filling my heart right now for this life we've had here. I just want to bottle it up tonight, and bury it outside in Caroline and Johanna's "new garden" (just a patch of woods with moss they romp in) to return to often.

The morning of the big moving day, it was actually warm! The girls do what is apparently a tribal "we're moving" dance while Caroline sings praises to her house--"It's such a beautiful home..."