hot days


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We are arriving at that time of year where the only way to possibly bear the heat is by playing in water or licking a cone of ice cream.  Both approaches make  my children absolutely ecstatic.  I'm simply content if I can find a patch of shade, a folding chair, and a good book.  (Caroline is determined to finish her book before I finish mine to put the next sticker up.)

We can now see many little plants springing up from our garden, thanks to the many rainy days lately.  It appears that some bug/beetle is enjoying the green bean leaves very much.  (Any ideas of how to detract them??)  Four sets of hands and four little watering cans are always eager to keep the plants content.  It is the 'calling it quits' with the spigot that is the challenge.

We've spent most of our hours this weekend clearing out an overwhelmed storage room in the basement.  We are talking hours.  Now there is more than enough walking room, piles ready to donate and piles ready for the trash/recycling.  I'm feeling pretty happy since bending over my growing stomach is less than comfortable.  We're slowly checking projects off the never-ending list of to-dos before I'm really too big.  Strawberry picking is next.

And tomorrow morning couldn't come any faster for six anxious Shifflers under this roof.  Bobby and I are still deciding how to tell the girls if it is a boy or a girl.  Any ideas??  All I know is Ainsleigh will be down right depressed if she doesn't get a brother.

Hope you had a special holiday yesterday!

the sleepy time gal