homonyms and sandals

IMG_4844_2 There are those moments that I can tell that knowledge and understanding light up in my child's mind.  Like they do trying something new for the first time and having to figure it out as they go.  It builds them and ultimately, they are stronger for it.  Like buckling new sandals.

IMG_4841_2 IMG_4840_2

Like homonyms.  They happened upon our family in an unlikely way.  Caroline being curious about words and then us looking for answers together.  That led to homonym games around the dinner table, Caroline the most eager and involved one.

And then it happened, one of those moments that comes around always unexpectedly, when it makes sense in their little world.  Baking in the kitchen the other day I began searching the cabinet for thyme to season our biscuits.  While I searched, Caroline loudly shouted from behind the table, "Thyme!  That's a homonym!  And milk!  And flour!"

This is the experience I've wanted for her--for her environment to help her encourage learning, curiosity, and excitement of the world around her.  I want her to learn things because they are in her everyday life.

We are a little obsessed with homonyms lately.  It is all that Caroline and I talk about--always coming up with more and more and making up stories using them.  Caroline always acts them out, too.  This is a little slice of heaven for me, to see knowledge enlighten her mind, because she sees it.