homemaking for the modern mama: the home


For thousands of years, homemakers have progressed in "making a home" from simply observing other homemakers, talking, sharing ideas, and implementing new ideas-- all for the sake of their home.

The home is where children feel loved, are nurtured, and understand many lessons of life.  The home is where order and service can be experienced.  It is where we are our true selves most.  We can be more vulnerable, more honest, and more real.  It is where real living takes place.

It is no wonder that our homes are sacred to us.  Why we care to make a warm, soothing meal.  Why we try our hardest, despite many interruptions, to keep order and cleanliness in our home.  And why we go seeking for new ideas for every season of our families and our growing home, to make life in the home satisfying in those season.


Every home is different.  Some show the remnants of busy children at the end of the day.  Some show the remnants of a busy wife who only can enjoy her home after a long day of work.  Despite the visible differences, the home is a sanctuary from the fast moving world.

Today I want to hear about your home.  

Please share in the comment section what you as a homemaker love about your home and also, what is needing "updated" to bring greater order, satisfaction, or peace in your home.

Also, leave a link to a post from your blog of anything that has to do with homemaking that might benefit us!  Leave a link to your blog post in the "Contact" section at the top of the Sleepy Time Gal.  I will update this post all day to include your links.  Plus you will get an extra entry into the Homemaking for the Modern Mama giveaway on Friday!

I love hearing other homemakers' ideas.   Learning from other woman has made me who I am today.  I hope you link up and let us learn from you!!


Be back tomorrow for our family's Cleaning Station.  I'll share what has been working beautifully for our family and kids' involvement in the home.


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