homemaking for the modern mama


I am about to burst.  I've been keeping a handful of secrets from you.  Yes, it is barely possible to keep any secrets from you readers on my blog, but this one has been killing me.  So much goodness packed into one week.  All my secrets will be packed into one week.  Next week.

Without giving too much away, let's just say next week will be packed with money saving tricks and tips for keeping up a home, refreshed ideas for family involvement in the home, and more. Next week will be a week long extravaganza all on Homemaking for the Modern Mama.  Believe me, you won't want to miss it.  (Neither will your wallet.)


Also, I will personally be giving away a custom-made "homemaking for the modern mama" kit with everything I will be featuring next week to one lucky reader!

So start looking through posts on your blog about anything pertaining to housekeeping, keeping up the home, etc.,  to link up here next week on the Sleepy Time Gal.    (It will get you more entries for the giveaway!)  Get ready for a full week of new ideas, new approaches to tackling your home, and saving a few bucks on the way.  I'm so excited!!


the sleepy time gal