homemaking for the modern mama: the giveaway

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Thanks to all of you for being involved in this week's Homemaking for the Modern Mama series.

To end this week, I personally have put together the ultimate homemaker's giveaway.


Check out what is included in the giveaway:


  • homemade laundry detergent featured Monday
  • homemade wool dryer balls featured Tuesday


  • natural terry cloth fabric to make your own personalized cleaning cloths (enough fabric to make eight) featured Thursday
  • homemade all-purpose cleaner in a handy spray bottle (our recipe of Thieves and distilled water) featured Thursday
  • a stack of Sleepy Time Gal notecards with envelope


Here's how to enter to win:

  1. One entry for leaving a comment.
  2. Another additional entry if you've left a link to your blog about anything relating to homemaking.  Just comment that you've left a link.  One additional entry per link you've left.
  3. Another additional entry for linking anything from the Homemaker's series to Facebook or your blog to share with other women.  Just comment that you've shared it.
May the most enthusiastic homemaker win!  Giveaway close Sunday midnight.

If you haven’t yet, add a link from your blog to the Homemaking for the Modern Mama list of all things “homemaking”.  Simply leave a link to your blog post. Contact section above and it will be added to the list.  Because of the many incoming links about homemaking from your blogs, please add your homemaking link to your comment in the comment section.  It will also count towards another entry in the giveaway!


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