homemade notebooks as gifts: the mini version


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This morning all of the children are sleeping in.  These late nights with Nutcracker mean quiet mornings for me and Bobby, for which I am most grateful.   The first set of angel curls were taken out last night (bobby pins removed) and that means my girls slept more soundly without millions of pins and night caps.  They can at least enjoy their Shirley Temple curls for a few days before the whole process of angel curls is started all over again.

As is tradition, this year we came up with a simple gift for those little (and now bigger) ballet friends, homeschooling friends, church friends, and the likes, that can be easily made and easily given to not require much packaging and intense crafting.  These mini homemade notebooks were so enjoyable to make I'm keeping this idea of having mini notebooks (tied up in sets of 3) to have on hand for little gifts throughout the year.


These mini notebooks stand 6 inches high and are filled with regular copy paper.  And there is a simple sewn stitch down the middle (using a sewing machine).  My full tutorial can be found here.  The only difference from the tall notebook version and this mini notebook version is, the size, of course.  I bought one pack of decorative cardstock (12 x 12 paper) and cut it in half lengthwise, as not to disturb the design.  (That first cut gives you the mini notebook height.)  Then I just decided how wide I wanted them and cut a few inches off the halved paper's end.  (I cut a total of 4 inches off.  That means the front of the book is 4 inches along with the back being 4 inches.)


{Caroline and Johanna signed the inside cover of 22 notebooks to give to their fellow angels in the Nutcracker}

Then I just cut my copy paper in half lengthwise, the same as the cardstock, and trimmed the copy paper's edge to fit inside the cut cardstock.  I followed my homemade notebook: tall version tutorial the rest of the way.


The other benefit to the mini notebooks is that you'll have excess decorative cardstock pieces after trimming off the ends.  The excess pieces are perfect for matching and contrasting bookmarks!  The girls punched holes in the tops, threaded some yarn, and I hot glued one of our little pom poms to create a tassel top.

A perfect set.


We like to tape a pencil to the notebook, too, using washi tape.  We found some awesome sets of velvet-covered pencils in the $1 bin in one of the craft stores.  We also used regular pencils to tape on.



And some recipients (like my older nieces who are too old for the younger "cousin" gift this year) will get a cute set of notebooks.  I like that these mini notebooks are nice to give to any age.  Young girls like to doodle and write messages, older girls can keep them in their bookbag or purse, and woman can slip a notebook in their purse or keep one in the car or counter for notes.  

Johanna and my favorites??  Definitely the gold hearts.

These are awesome as a universal gift for people you love at Christmas.   I'm planning to wrap up each of my girls' favorites to put under the tree.


{I thought you'd like to see my angels and their curls. :) }

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