homemade lemon body scrub

IMG_5726 Good morning to you.  I'm happy to share a little something that I've been quite enjoying over the weekend: our lemon body scrub.

I've been exploring many different homemade sugar scrubs for the past few months and just recently was ready to try our own concoction.  It is a simple recipe as most scrubs are.  Take a peek...



What you'll need for homemade lemon body scrub:

  • Cane sugar or raw sugar (I use our usual baking sugar that we buy at Costco, Wholesome Organic Cane Sugar.  It is perfect because it is slightly brown and more course than white sugar.  The more course the sugar, the better.)
  • Coconut oil, refined or a body oil (Picked this up at a natural store but most grocery stores stock it.  Refined is best for body care. One jar will bake two large batches of body scrub.  Bert's Bees has a nice body oil as well.)
  • One lemon
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Glass jar with seal (I bought a handful of these jars for $3 a piece at IKEA a while back.  Great deal.)



Have a helper fill your glass jar halfway full with the cane sugar, about 1 cup.


Pour about 1 cup of coconut oil into a bowl and heat for a few seconds in the microwave.  This will liquify the oil.  Then pour it into the sugar glass jar.


Add sugar or oil to the jar to create the perfect consistency.  You want the sugar very wet from the oil.  It will be easy to scoop out with your fingertips when you use it and more of a scrub than a paste once you're reached the right consistency.

Now add your flavoring.  We zested a lemon, added a few lemon juice drops, and a few drops of lemon oil to intensify the smell and feel.  Another great scrub (that will be our next) is a lavender body scrub using lavender oil.  Lavender is known to be a calming, relaxing oil and would be perfect used in a scrub.

Stir and mix your body scrub.


Have a helper make a label.


And there you have it.  A simple sugar body scrub.  I have to say, I have been using it all weekend in the shower and love scrubbing it onto my arms and legs.  My arms and legs are much more exfoliated, softer, and moist (as the oil continues to hydrate my skin hours after the shower.)


Try it out and let me know what you think.  Once you have the ingredients (especially if they are in bulk) you can make beautiful, useful body scrubs in minutes.  This would be a perfect Christmas gift to make with your kids and share.

Stay tuned tomorrow because I have just heard from Mr. Oikawa from the Be 1 Project in Sendai.  He just started receiving your packages in Sendai, the most recent location (and one of the hardest hit areas from the tsunami) we are shipping boxes to in Japan!  I have a great story to share with you tomorrow with photos.  See you then!


the sleepy time gal