homemade giving: the homemaker's set


I'm sitting here looking out at the frost outside my window, wondering how much sleep I really got last night.  With one child in our bed back and forth through the night, the other waking with bad dreams, and yet, another, totally awake and ready for the day at 5:30am, I'm guessing not much.  She (Ainsleigh) and I have been together this morning, me reminding her every 10 seconds to whisper.  She still hasn't grasped that skill.

And with that, good morning!  Do you remember our Homemaking for the Modern Mama week?  Well it has been my inspiration for our annual assembly-line gift to some friends and family this Christmas.


It is another perfectly priced homemade gift.  This homemaker's set includes:

You could add or subtract anything you'd like.  (The wool dryer balls are in the "to-be-made" list still.)  The cleaning station cloths and some homemade cleaner would be a great addition as well as some homemade air fresheners.   The price of the homemaker's set all depends on your having or buying jars or bottles and a few inexpensive ingredients.


I went a little further with the hair detangler and pre-ordered some custom labels from Bohtieque.  I ordered more of this great size spray bottle since I was running low as well.  You could easily reuse a spray bottle you have on hand and make your own sticker label.


Whatever you like and use in your home could be packaged pretty and given.  You could include directions and ingredients for the recipients to then make their own.

I know you have some incredible recipes and homemaker-delights that could make a set to give... what do you have to share?  Any ideas?  And please share a link.

the sleepy time gal