homemade giving: mix + match napkins


With all of the stress from what's been going on with my parents lately I've thankfully turned to my sewing machine to deal with it.


It has been a perfect, productive hobby where I can get lost sewing and listening to my Pandora station--right now I'm loving Nouvelle Vague.



We've been enjoying of few of these homemade luncheon-sized napkins over the years (Using Bend the Rules Sewing as a guide) with our sliced bread and such, but we needed more, lots more, for daily meals.

The best part of making fabric napkins is that you can use up scrap fabric, quilting fabric, vintage fabrics, any fabric to make the perfect set of varied patterns and colors of napkins for the table.  See how easy it is liven up your table...


Mix and Match Napkins

what you need:


variety of lightweight cotton fabrics (I chose 9 different fabrics)



1. Cut your fabric into 14 x 10.5 pieces.  I made two napkins out of each fabric.

2. Iron under 1/4 inch of each side with the wrong side of the fabric facing you.  Then turn over another 1/4 inch and sew.  Done!

 I made about 18 napkins for our size family and the multiple daily meals we'd use them for with washing, etc.  


Now there is an excitement for every child (and mommy and daddy for that matter) to pick a different napkin with each meal.  When it is my dinner helper's night to help (the big girls rotate), they carefully nestle a special napkin under each fork for our shared meal together.   It is almost like opening a fortune cookie at each meal--you never know what pattern you'll get.


And if you have (or make) a napkin holder, a stack of these mix and match napkins looks gorgeous!  It is all I need for the center of my table now.

Can you imagine of stack of these beauties wrapped in twine, maybe with a few cookie cutters, for a friend or family member for Christmas?  You could make napkins with Christmas fabric, spring fabric, linen, all one solid color to match someone's dining room, etc.  The options are endless.

I'm thinking this might be a new, hip idea to make for a wedding gift or housewarming.

IMG_1453 IMG_1452

Tell me what you think... what colors and patterns would you make for your dining room?