homemade giving: artsy felt sketchbook


After last week which was filled with wonderful visitors (friends from college and their little toddlers), this weekend came and granted me some time away at the sewing machine.  Saturday morning, Johanna warded off Caroline from the basement so we could get moving on her present from her sister.  A little something that we knew she would love (a sketchbook) with a little something personal (an original drawing from Johanna of Caroline, stitched onto the cover.)

Johanna and I found the idea when we were skimming through my Bend the Rules with Fabric book by Amy Karol. A pack of Moleskine sketchbooks have been waiting in a covered up box (with other Christmas supplies that have now arrived and are waiting) in the corner of the kitchen.  It is a simple yet fulfilling project.  Check it out...


Artsy Felt Sketchbook Cover

You'll need:

a piece of wool felt


sewing machine and contrasting thread



Measure how much felt you'll need by placing the sketchbook in the middle of your felt.  Use your chalk to trace around the book, giving your book front and back 2-3 inches extra on each side.  Also trace a line above and below the book, giving yourself about 1/4 inch extra on each side.


Trace your child's art onto felt where the cover is marked with chalk.  I found a random foot for my sewing machine to give me more of the ability to free motion stitch.  If you have a free motion foot or darning foot, those work best.  I can't even tell you what foot I used (tell me if you know from the photo!), but I experimented with a few feet and this one let me move around a bit more.

Grad your child on your lap and have them help you feed the fabric through the machine.  Stitch along the chalk lines and then repeat, over all of the lines again for greater contrast.


Now line your sketchbook up to the piece of felt and pin where the cover flaps should be.  Sew along the top and bottom to create the cover.


And there you have it!


Make sure your little artist-creator of the cover stitched their name on the cover.  (Or most of it, in our case.)


I found some great rustic colored pencils to go along with this sketchbook gift for Johanna to give to Caroline.

IMG_2081 IMG_2085

So it is now out that in making this for her sister, Johanna wants one in pink for herself.  I think I'll happily pass the information onto Caroline...


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