homemade giving: a sewing kit


As you saw yesterday, I'm a little obsessed with jars for gift giving.  Hopefully you don't mind, there are more jarred gifts to come.  Today--a simple sewing kit in a jar for my up and coming seamstress, Caroline.



It all started because of this book, Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make.  It is one of those creative, confidence-boosting how-to books.  All stuff kids can make without sitting down at the sewing machine and waiting for mom's help.  I have realized over the years how much sewing relaxes me and keeps my brain churning as I think through and solve my creative endeavors.

 I thank my mom probably yearly for teaching me how to sew on a button, thread a needle, thread a sewing machine, follow a pattern, press seams open, and open my mind to the incredible world of sewing.


As you'll see tomorrow, there's been a kit/jar theme this year for my kids presents.  I couldn't give the sewing book to Caroline without anything to attract her and encourage her creative juices.  Thus, the dainty little sewing kit.

The sewing kit provides her pin cushion on top and essentials inside.

Make your own sewing kit:

  • spray paint the jar's rim your desired color
  • cut out a circle larger than the mouth of the jar and lay some batting on top
  • cut out a piece of cardboard the size the lid
  • push the rim over the fabric wrapped batting and then put the cardboard under it all
  • hot glue fabric to cardboard at the bottom of the lid
(*I adapted my jar top from this sewing kit--I did my backing differently, but these visuals might help.)

IMG_2536 So what is packed inside there for the little sewer??


Inside the sewing kit:

  • a few spools of thread on-hand (actually many of my Granny's I inherited)
  • embroidery floss
  • fun trim, like ric rac
  • travel scissors (she's been dying to have these from my early sewing days)
  • a few buttons, including some painted wooden buttons I've been holding onto
  • one large safety pin


Along with the long pins on top is one large needle.  Essential.

We're giving this book to some of the older cousins for Christmas with lots of enthusiasm that the magic of sewing will spread through this younger generation and someday, all of these nieces will gather together and create together.  Zany pillows maybe, scarves, wallets, their own handmade gifts... I can't wait for that day.


Tomorrow: one more kit in a jar.  Exciting!

the sleepy time gal