homemade giving: a journal kit


Caroline is ready for her first journal.  This is quite an exciting milestone since her mother filled easily 15 journals in her lifetime.  I can't wait for her to discover the fulfillment of writing and then reading and seeing who she's become over time.

Journaling will also be an incredible writing exercise for my little 6-year-old. I thought a little encouraging would help introduce her to the world of journaling.  Thus the journal kit.


The Journal Kit:

The journal--

The most exciting part of this kit should be the journal itself.  This is what will hold secrets and wishes and discoveries and a living history.  It will entice the child to opens its pages and write.  I wanted a real, no-nonsense journal for Caroline.  I chose the large ruled softcover Moleskine journal.  It is slender and has an elastic to keep it all together.  Great for growing hands.


The Journal Jar-

Decorate or keep simple a jar.  I hot glued some ribbon and added a strip of chalkboard paint.  I also spray painted to lid.  I wanted the jar to not resemble a typical canning jar in terms of function, so added a velvet handle on the top.  ( I simply hot glued it inside the lid.)  Now the jar can be hung on a hook, or a doorknob, or hopefully on her bedpost to remind her to write at night.

Come up with a list of questions to inspire writing for your child.  Here are some of Caroline's questions in her jar:


If there was one thing you would love to do all day, what would it be?

 What do you want to be when you grown up?

 What is your favorite thing to bake?  How do you make it?

 If you met someone who was really lonely and poor, what would you do?

 What do you love about your sister Johanna?  How is she like you?  How is she different?

 What do you get excited about when you think of Spring?  What do you like to do in Spring?

 If you owned your own bakery, what would be on the menu?  What would your bakery look like inside?

 If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose?

 If you lived in another country, what country would it be?  And why?

 If you were Felicity, what would you love about living in colonial times?

 When you are a mommy, what do you want to teach your children? 

 If you were a winter fairy, would you live in the woods or under the

ground?  What would you look like?

Have you ever done something really hard and been really proud of yourself?  What did you do?

 What is your favorite season and why?

 If you were a famous singer, how would you share your singing with others? 

 If you were a queen of a castle, what would your castle look like?  Who would be the king?  

 If you were on a ship looking for treasure and you found treasure, what would you do with it?  Save some?  Spend it?  Share it?



She can choose a question each day, perhaps, to answer in her journal.  As the jar runs dry, more questions can be added.  I'm hoping the jar will be passed down to each daughter as their writing skills increase; a new journal with new questions specific to that daughter for some years to come.


Do you have a little writer or little friend that would love a journal kit??