homemade cartouches and plans...





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 {homemade air-dry clay cartouches}

There has been an idea growing in my mind for a little while now.  I haven't mentioned it to the girls or Bobby for many reasons.  Finally, after a few thought-out plans and some supporting ideas, I opened it up to the big girls and Bobby last night during our weekly planning session in the couch.  And....it was approved with great gusto!  (Bobby's stipulation was as expected: please dont plan it for a few months.  He knows me too well.)

We are on our way to planning an Egyptian Feast & Festival!  Oh, how fun it was last night to watch Bobby as he watched the girls going on and on about everything Egyptian they've learned, read, explored and how they'd incorporate it into a special Egyptian night.  Caroline wants us to dress up and be the royal family of King Tut--young Tutankhamun being Rowan, Bobby being his father, Akhenaten, and me, Queen Nefertiti.  There were dreams of foods we'd serve and activities to do, decorations and, of course, black eye make-up worn by all.  If I could freeze and preserve that thrilling brainstorming moment last night with my girls I would title it "child-led learning at its finest"!

As our plans are in the beginning stages, I'd love your ideas!  I will say our most exciting idea has something to do with our enormous car top carrier.  :)

If you're new to the STG, you might enjoy exploring our Medieval Feast we threw last fall as the climax to our obsession with all things medieval.  It was one of the most memorable nights we had together as a family.

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