home repurposing: functional art (part 2)

IMG_4046 The second half of the functional art project begins in nature.  Anywhere in nature.

IMG_4011 IMG_4006

We chose a couple places.  One is what we call the meadow.  It is a forgotten field close to our house bustling with fall foliage.


There still are some wildflowers holding on, going into the transition of cooler weather.  We picked those, lots of dried up reeds, and some remaining flowers.  Perfect tones of yellows and browns and a sprinkling of green.


And even in our own backyard, inside the girls' "house", were the best branches of orange leaves.   We picked those, too.


Now clump your fall findings, including a few prickly paws. Add some of those orange leaves into the bouquet you've just made and slide them into the natural wire on the fabric canvas.


Now you've got yourself some beautiful, living functional art!


The functional art canvas can be used to keep all things seasonal like holly bush branches and berries, evergreen branches for winter or spring flowers from your garden come spring. Or you can hang words like "thankful" or "joy" for the holidays from a clothes pin along with other meaningful items.  (I painted a clothes pin baby blue for future hangings.)

Put something that pops (for example art in a white frame) off to the other side of the fabric covered canvas to balance out your bouquet.


I took extra foliage and grouped them around the canvas to add to the fall mantel.

Two things I like about this repurposing project:

  1. I repurposed my canvas to act as a stage for all things beautiful.  Something I can change out frequently.
  2. I felt like I was repurposing the beautiful natural foliage that is slowly drying out, waiting for winter to come.  I'm excited to celebrate it all, exactly how it is.


The mantel takes some maintenance.  The branches that have leaves on them wilt the fastest.  (Those can easily be replaced with new leaves that have fallen.)

But my beautiful, random foliage bouquet is simply drying out naturally, right before our eyes.  That won't be touched.

What do you think?  I'd love to hear!