home repurposing: board book message board

IMG_4307 There comes a time in a baby's life when ripping a board book to shreds is a rite of passage.  I never know what to do with the trashed books, so they just kind of linger, in pieces, with the rest of the books.


And since you enjoyed yesterday's chalkboard paint repurposing project so much I thought I'd go along and share this.

For the board book message board you'll need:

  • any worn or torn board book (any shape or size depending on what size you want your message board to be)
  • chalkboard paint (tinted moonstone)
  • nylon paintbrush

Simply paint the cover of the board book and binding with chalkboard paint.  Let dry.  Done.


Now stand the book up with its pages sprawled open--that makes it fun to see inside of the book.

IMG_4360 IMG_4355

Our board book message board is to the left of our front door.   So only as visitors leave will they really see it, thus the message.  (I thought it would be a nice touch as friends leave my parents 60th birthday party here this weekend.)

Ideas for where to put a board book message board:

  • on a child's shelf in their bedroom with a wishful phrase
  • on a kitchen counter for family members to keep you posted as to their whereabouts
  • in a diaper bag with some chalk-- it could keep little ones busy at the doctor's office
  • in the car--after they draw on the cover they can read the rest of the book!

And I just had to share this too since we're a little obsessed with chalkboard paint at the moment...


A marked-up craft board repurposed into a new accessory for the girls' "house" outside.



Thanks for all of the love of the home repurposing series this week!

I'll be back Monday morning... Happy weekend and happy repurposing!

the sleepy time gal