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{Jeshua Dirle}

I've never met a more changed man from having his first child.

When Jeshua came into the world, my brother's first thought was how selfish he'd been in his life until this moment.  His continual schooling, doctorate, literal world fame through his creativity, his ten year search for truth...


None of it meant anything at this singular moment.  New life.  His blood running through this child's veins.  A new responsibility, a new love story.   He would be forever changed.


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{Race on our Anniversary}

As I was getting worn out at the end of the race, I looked up to focus on the landscape instead of the pavement.  I saw the city island pedestrian bridge which I would soon cross.  The bridge that would take me home free to my little band of supporters on the other end.  And then I remembered....

The cold night years ago on this bridge.  His shirt and tie, my butterflies, his joking about dropping the "ring" through the grates of the bridge, my answer, our kiss, and the totally satisfied feeling I had as we walked to his car to tell our parents the news...

Then I remembered I was in a race, on a hot day, with that same man and four little cheerleaders at the end of that fateful bridge, and perfectly, all on our anniversary.



{An almond-butter cookie wish--thanks, Bobby}

Thank you friends and family for making me feel like a super-star yesterday.  Nothing feels better in all of the world to feel loved and accepted by the people you love to death.

(one-year older) sleepy time gal