hi, i'm owen

IMG_1338 Hi, I'm Owen.


I started out yesterday morning as just an idea and a few pattern pieces.


Then things began happening.  I've been talked about for some time now, the perfect gift for a little boy named Owen.  His birthday has been approaching and all of the women in this household thought I'd be the apple of Owen's eye.


I first got a bushy head of hair, an embroidered face, and soft body.  I already had admirers!


I was told not to tell the real Owen that my shirt was created from a baby girl shirt.  Hey, that is all they have around here.


The creative artist Caroline made a pretty little box home for me, conveniently the same box I'd be wrapped in.

IMG_1342 IMG_1354

I think the only boy thing in this home  is an old headless Ken doll--how pathetic.  No wonder I'm so loved.


If only the sewer knew what real boy trains looked like before she made my train shirt.  It looks like an eighteen-wheeler truck on train tracks.  She'll learn.


I finally got to meet the real Owen last night.  I hope to be dragged around the house, slid in between tight spaces, and worn out with Owen adventures.