her birthday breakfast


IMG_0787 6:00 am: bake french coconut flour muffins as quietly as possible 

6:45 am: gather supplies and wrap the big girls' one gift they're opening

7:15 am: Johanna, grinning ear to ear, helps me dredge each muffin in butter + cinnamon/turbinado sugar (yes, real sugar to coat these)

7:20am: I can tell the birthday girl has come downstairs and smells her muffins

7:30 am: Johanna sets the table, adds flowers, a random porcelain lamb, birthday cards, etc.



{Something homemade for the birthday girl (and her sister's birthday in two days) to take for their special birthday outing this Saturday.  Clue: think American Girl.}


{Johanna's beautiful setting, before the porcelain lamb.  Caroline is her best friend, remember??}




8:25 am: Bobby cooks up sausage, muffins are plated, and a wonderful, special birthday breakfast is had by every single one of us.  Smiles and singing and eating and loving.  What a lovely morning.  Lovely oldest daughter turning nine that is so mature and inspiring.  And lovely and passionate spirit she brings (and fills) in our home.



P.S.  These French Coconut Flour Muffins have changed my attitude about baked goods made solely from coconut flour.  These spiced muffins are non-crumbly, moist and amazing!  Can't wait to share the recipe.  To quote Caroline: "Of all of the years you've been baking these muffins for my birthday, these muffins are the best!"  Thank you, Caroline--you had no idea they were grain free.  Thank you for making my week.


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