her big debut




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It is hard to believe that after months of checking out baking books by the bagful from the library, we've arrived at Caroline's first bake sale.  This sale has been talked about for a long time.  


Yesterday we baked all day, packaged, took flyers to neighbors, and added more and more to our list for today.

Caroline has begun to ask for a "nice bake sale" in her prayers.  All of her proceeds will go to her dream bakery, something this girl has talked about since she was five: Bakies Bakery, "We don't cook 'em, we bake 'em!"

We have our favorite scones and breads, cookies, muffins, and Caroline-selected cupcakes still to make along with more gluten-free treats to add to the selection.  (We made truffles yesterday.)  Balloons to pick up today, a poster to hang for the end of our street, and lots of rewashing of our large mixing bowls today.  There is so much to do but it is quite thrilling at the same time.

If you're local ,we'd love to see you!  Happy June weekend!


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