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It sounds trite but creating and putting together this bake sale with Caroline has changed my (mommy) life.


Where do I begin??

Do I begin before the big day, the hours baking in the kitchen with and without Caroline (because seriously, a seven year old can only handle so much baking before she has to get some air on her scooter), the hours the two of us spent planning, advertising, setting up, taking flyers door to door, packaging, me learning the careful balance of "letting this be her thing" and knowing the limitations of a child, sneaking samples of our baked goods together, meetings between the chef (Caroline) and her sous chef (me)...

Or do I begin with the day of the bake sale.  The adrenaline rush, the rush, period.  Caroline excitedly rushing to a ballet rehearsal to rush home, jump into bake-sale attire, sweat beading off her face, and--all of a sudden--she's running a bake sale.  A sale, might I remind you, that took place for four hours in humid 90 degree weather.

People came from all around, lining up, being ever so generous, leaving with arm-fulls of baked goods, and wishing the young entrepreneur luck.  Our breads sold like hotcakes, my job was to keep the table filled with food, and Johanna and her little sisters (the lemonade stand was their baby) kept Daddy busy all morning juicing lemons to keep their customers happy.  There was so much excitement in the air, so many supportive customers, such excited little girls trying to stay cool while meeting and greeting customers in our driveway.


Or do I write about after the bake sale.  The joy that just lingered in our home.  The fulfillment that everyone felt having worked towards something so big together and experiencing it, together.  Caroline's smile from a full day of being the star to her continued smile of completion and satisfaction as she and her sisters spent the remainder of the day not resting in the cool indoors, but being kids outdoors on a hot day.  Or the thrilling moment carefully counting the money Caroline earned with her and slipping it into a crisp white envelope to put into a new bank account...


 I have seen a dream fulfilled in my child.  I have seen her confidence and wisdom grow a few inches taller from this experience.  So many friends, family, and neighbors made Saturday magical for a little girl.  Thank you.

As the few baked leftovers remain on the counter from the big day, and baskets and handwritten labels are put away, there remains a most wonderful memory of the months of discussion and planning, days of prep and baking, and one big day of selling.  Caroline and I have talked about what we've learned from the whole experience, the things that worked really well, the regrets, and what we'll do differently...  While Caroline is already thinking of next year's bake sale, I'm sitting back and relaxing, feeling absolutely grateful to be a mother and witness a child experience the wonderful world.  


{Our lessons learned will be shared tomorrow.  #1, don't make real truffles to sell in 90 degree weather.}


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