hello february!



Can you believe we’ve made it through the first month of the year?!


I used to dread January because it reminded me that the exciting month of December was over and a long cold winter was ahead.  I honestly don’t have time for my usual pity party about January with all that keeps me on my toes with little people and a baby, projects, goals, and then their projects and goals.  And what do you know, we’re already into February!


My girls know that we aren’t allowed to even start talking about what kind of Valentines they want to make until we’ve entered the month of Valentine’s Day.  (Although I did cheat and buy red and pink supplies in January–does that count??)  Today, along with baking a family treat (from Caroline's awesome [amazon_link id="0743278577" target="_blank" ]Willliam-Sonoma Kid's Sweet Treats[/amazon_link] book) for a movie night tonight, tap and ballet classes, French practice, sewing with Caroline on her new machine, and on and on with our day, I’m sure we’ll make time to begin mapping out our Valentine plan for this year.

I’d be happy to reuse our Valentine project from last year, the homemade stickers, and call it for the day.  It was such a fun project to make and give.  They won’t let me get away with that though.  If I could predict, Caroline is itching to use her new mini muffin tin she got for Christmas and some sort of sprinkles to go along with something baked.  Ainsleigh and Annabelle will want to cut, cut, cut and glue, glue, glue.  And Johanna… she will want some sweet candy morsel to eat–I mean, give away.  


the sleepy time gal