heading up north


Who would have thought that packing, doing laundry, loading the car, and finding underwear for multiple days, multiple children, would be so exhausting!  Two more trips before I call it quits and lay low for the remaining months of this pregnancy.  Let me take that back-- I honestly don't think I know how to lay low, but at least the travel will slow down.  :)

I thought it such a fun coincidence that two of you creative readers both recommended the "wrapping-an-exciting-car-activity-for-each-child" idea.  So I'm trying it today!  It worked out well since I've wanted to slowly add to a road-trip-bag of exciting activities for our family trips and homeschooling expeditions.  I thought [amazon_link id="B004PBLP5O" target="_blank" ]these[/amazon_link] were reminiscent of the Colorform activities I grew up with.  Caroline and Johanna will love these.   For Ainsleigh and Annabelle, a [amazon_link id="B0015KW3VI" target="_blank" ]classic activity[/amazon_link] I've always wanted (needed) them to have in the backseat.

I'm sure I will know the exact moment to pull these polkadot packages out of my bag to pass to little hands.  Right about the time Bobby and I are ready to stop the car and let everyone run around the car 10 times.  :)

I hope you have nice weekend.  I'll be back Monday morning!

the sleepy time gal