he loves me



This little stinker.  

 He's had some really tough nights lately, and, incidentally, I have too.  And yet, with the light peering through the window in the wee hours of the morning, a happy baby wakes, ready to play and crawl.  He so easily has forgotten the long hours of no sleep at night, crying, his cough, and his parents being so worn down.  The sun peering through the blinds is all he needs to wake--consistently at this particular time of day--without tears and with babbling and toe grabbing.

I wish it were that easy for me after a long night(s).  I wake so frustrated and bothered, unsure of what to do for the next night.  And in my frustration with the situation and him, he, sleepily but happily, can't get enough of having me next to him in the morning hours.  He loves to crawl over to me on the bed to plant his face right on top of mine.  This happens every morning.  It usually doesn't feel good but it is his special way to feel close to me.  Sometimes he giggles as he sucks on my chin.  Sometimes he crawls right over the top of my pillow to then lay down right on top of my face. This is how I know my sweet boy loves me and is so much what I need to love him back after a long night.

I guess he makes up for it all by the morning.

the sleepy time gal