happy birthday, STG!

IMG_1206 It has been one year since The Sleepy Time Gal blog was born.

What can I say.  This blog has been a place to accept myself, meet a world of people just like me, and laugh and cry through it all.


(Photo compliments of Caroline)

Early on it took much planning and discipline to write a post, with photos, five days a week.  Okay, it was really difficult.   But something kept driving me, like I needed it.  It would make something more of me if I could write, tell my tale, day by day.

Time has passed and incredibly, this blog has become so much a part of me.  Something that is just a part of my life, a part of my world.  I hope it is a space that uplifts and motivates you because it is healing to this individual to share this space.

So thank you for reading and returning.  Thank you for sharing your little patch of this world with me.  Thank you for making this big world feel like a cozy neighborhood.  The Sleepy Time Gal wouldn't have survived without you caring.

Here's to many more moments together in this space!

And now for the Print Art Kids giveaway winner of 4 custom notepads!

The winner is Lynn Greenway who wrote,

"Nicole, Fun giveaway! I’ve been wanting to do some art projects this week,but the kids have been sick.

So, I’ll have to settle for just commenting and not uploading photos to flickr. But I still want to be counted in!"

I can't wait to see what artwork you choose for your notepads. I hope you share it with us via flickr.

Happy Monday!