happy anniv-irthday

Mom NIc Trav That's me.  So proud that I could feed my baby brother years ago.  I love the slight shot of my mother, reaching in to secure that her little boy was getting his bottle just so.  Why do I share this with you on this Monday morning?  It just so happens that I'm thinking a lot about who I have become as a wife, mother, and woman.

Yesterday we celebrated seven years of marriage and today I turned 30.

That is a lot to swallow.


Thirty years old.  Seven of those married.  I feel like life has sped up so much that it is only through browsing photographs that I can remember it all.  I see so clearly now how precious every moment is and how I desperately want to remember it all.

So many moments during these past 30 and 7 years that have made me (and Bobby) who we are today...


(Innocent little me about to take on the world)


(Falling in love and realizing we couldn't live without each other. )


(Our wedding invitation I etched 8 years ago)


(First experience being pregnant)


(First time being a mother)


(Then again, more joy and challenges in the process with number two.)


(And twice again... under completely different circumstances.)


(Learning what it means to be a parent)



(Setting goals and attempting to finish them.)


(Giving everything we have to our roles as husband/wife, father/mother.)


Everything over the years has shaped me and is consequently shaping my daughters into future wives, future mothers, and women that will do bold things.

Someday Caroline will turn 30 and look back at who she has become.  I want her to remember me, slightly shown in a photograph, ever so carefully nurturing and guiding her.



Happy everything-day to me.  I am so richly blessed in life's experiences....


the sleepy time gal