happily irresponsible, for right now

IMG_0955 I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with life lately.

Usually when it hits, I reevaluate, decide what isn't important, and carefully swipe it of my "plate."  But this time, I'm wanting to take my hand, and drag it across the entire so-called "table", until my place setting is clean.  Ever felt that way?


I've made the list of what is least important and what to turn away-- I've made that step.  But now I'm stuck between where I know I need greater organization and feeling like doing it.  So there, I said it.  I don't feel like doing much lately except what I want to do.  Projects that have been on the "I'll do it when everything else is done" list and the likes.  I've loved getting behind in checking email.  Reading cookbooks.  Putting off important phone calls.  You know, irresponsible stuff like that.

IMG_0346 IMG_0914

And maybe this is exactly what I've needed.  Enough days of this and I'll be crawling back to responsibility, dreaming, and meeting deadlines.

So let me just enjoy this moment.  The half started projects all around my house from recent remind me that I choose my fate in this life.  I am the artist, the creator of them all, and I choose their fate.  Right now I'm choosing stillness and introspection...

How do you handle the pressures and demands of life?