exploring: hans herr house


Despite the extremely unusual snow this weekend (in October!) and finally getting over the dragged-out weeks of sicknesses, we're actually starting to get excited about our trip down to Colonial Williamsburg this weekend.  We don't expect too much in terms of tours and such, not with two toddlers in tow on Duke of Gloucester Street, but enough sights and sounds that ring familiar to Caroline and Johanna who have read 30 some books with me about everything Colonial there is out there.

We recently visited Lancaster County-- home of the Hans Herr House, the oldest home in Lancaster and the oldest Mennonite Church in the U.S.  It dates back to 1719 and served as a home and small place of worship.


The flavor in architecture was quite Scandinavian compared to everything Colonial we have become familiar with from obsessing over Williamsburg.   I am more and more impressed with the religiosity of the Colonists, of all religious sects.  There was a sustaining force in the midst of their hardships in coming to a new land.


I love these firsthand experiences for my girls.  There has come a magic in exploring another time period that, I hope, will stick with all of us.  I've seen over and over again my older children recognize money, clothing, words, buildings, and names from this time with enthusiasm.  Johanna can't wait to sit in the stocks this weekend and Caroline wore a mop cap for trunk or treat, happily dressed as a colonial girl.

It's become something thrilling for them and me.

IMG_0308 IMG_0275

I, myself, have started romanticizing about the Colonial time period.  About the things that, of course, in my eyes sound perfect and wonderful (that I'm sure real colonists would say otherwise.)  Like growing all of their food on acres of land and storing it, mothers and girls in the kitchen all day, the self-sufficiency of plantations, the absolutely feminine attire of women, social formalities, the architecture and details of well built homes, etc., etc.


But here I am, in 2011, living quite a different life of incredible conveniences and also incredible distractions.  The best thing to do is learn from the past and implement what I love, while holding dear to my dishwasher and other modern homemaking contraptions.   What a life of luxuries.

How was your weekend??

the sleepy time gal