handmades given


Caroline is known for her well thought-out handmades for Christmas.  And usually those well thought-out gifts are made for her Daddy.  Her Wes doll from last year was one of the most anticipated gifts under the tree, and, this year, it was the precious Great Dane.


Caroline, 6, is quite the listener to all of the conversation that floats around our house.  She's heard for a while now that Daddy knows what dog he wants some day for the family: a Great Dane.  She's seen Daddy's youtube videos about Great Danes, heard about the largest dog right now in the world (which is a Great Dane) and I've been watching the wheels turning in that head of hers.

Of course, a Great Dane it would be for his Christmas present.

I was quite hesitant when she was adamant about using my brown wool felt for the whole enormous dog(!). But she was right.  It made the pup quite sturdy, especially since now that he's been unwrapped he's taken outside each morning to take care of business.  Caroline thought of the dog collar  (with her label) which was a perfect addition to all that brown.

IMG_2855 IMG_2857

What can I say... Daddy is the happiest over Caroline gifts.

the sleepy time gal