hammering and nailing


My kids love their [amazon_link id="B0002HYEV2" target="_blank" ]hammer/nail set[/amazon_link] almost as much as I did when I was little and I would play with my mother's worn-out set.

I was always thrilled that I got to play with miniature nails.  My mom's set from the 50's came with a little metal hammer and similar wooden pieces.  I would ask my mom to pull it down from the closet on hot, summer days when I was too hot to play outside.  I'd sit at the kitchen table hammering away while mom worked in the kitchen.


My big girls are the ones to remember our hammer and nail set and request it for a quiet afternoon of play. (To which I'm obliged!)  Johanna just recently joined the ranks of being old enough to be able to place the wooden piece down, pick up the tiny nail, and put it through the hole before hammering.  It is quite the skill and with more and more practice, she's becoming very confident with it.  Not to mention she loves creating a scene with the colorful wooden pieces.

If you're interested in making your own hammer/nail set, you can find or use your own small hammer, use a piece of cork to nail into, and get the [amazon_link id="B0002HYEVC" target="_blank" ]mini nails and wooden piece set[/amazon_link].

 If you want the set all put together, there are some great sets from the German company HABA:

Our [amazon_link id="B0002HYEV2" target="_blank" ]Figure Geo Shape Set[/amazon_link]

[amazon_link id="B0002HYEUS" target="_blank" ]Large Geometric Shape Set[/amazon_link]

[amazon_link id="B0002HYEU8" target="_blank" ]Regular Geometric Shape Set[/amazon_link]

[amazon_link id="B001R8VJNQ" target="_blank" ]Springtime Butterflies Set[/amazon_link]

[amazon_link id="B001R8VJN6" target="_blank" ]On Duty Maxi Set[/amazon_link]

It is a happy afternoon when I hear hammering in the other room and an excited little girl who is mastering her skills.

the sleepy time gal