hair, the tote, and the brush

IMG_4884 As I'm sure you can imagine, brushing hair and "doing" hair and "let me fix your hair" and finding lost hair ties is very much a major part of my routine with four daughters.  I try to be the good mom and brush and "do" my girls hair everyday despite the fact that many times when we arrive somewhere the "hairdos" have all been stripped from my girls' hair or it is disheveled, etc.

But at least I try and at least the older girls get it and try to keep barrettes in and braids intact.  Thank you big girls!


For years now I've kept all of our hair supplies in a plastic little box I had when I was a teenager.  There really is no sentimental value to it, it just had always been the right size... Until we added more girls to the mix when the twins came along (with all of that long hair that came with them).  Every time I open the cabinet to pull out the "hair kit" I sigh.  I can't stand searching the contents of that hair kit!  Most of the hair things I never use, are broken, and rarely can I find what I need in there.  In all my mounting frustration over the most recent years I've dreamt of what I'd want to replace the hair kit with.  Something larger to fit more of the things we use, something pretty enough to keep out on a shelf in the living room...

Yesterday I finally sat down and made what I wanted.  Maya Made's burlap bucket  was the pattern for a blue burlap bucket.  I used the medium size (the bucket in my living room is the large size) and found the perfect opportunity to use Sarah Jane's Children at Play fabric for something that would show it off.


Now the detangler and brush and million hair things all fit.  And I can reach in and find what I'm looking for.  (Can you imagine that?)  We're definitely needing an update for what we put in our hair everyday.  I just pinned these barrettes yesterday that I think are gorgeous.  And here is a pretty wool felt barrette tutorial I'd love to try - and one more - I'm waiting for some metal buttons to arrive to cover and make these.  All in good time, right?


Have I told you about my brush?  This was my Christmas present from Bobby, a brush he's heard me rave about for some time now.  I just knew it would do magical things (from everything I had read) for my girls' hair and my own.  And I was right.

It is a Mason Pearson brush. I first read about them on Amy Karol's blog, Angry Chicken, here.  I sat and read through all of the comments, mesmerized about a brush that could solve all of life's problems.  I sat Bobby down one night and told him all about it and my hopes that it would save my relationship with my oldest, longest-haired daughter by making our daily brushing moments more heavenly.  I told him all about the boar bristles and how they pull the natural oils from the scalp into the hair to make the hair incredibly shiny and silky and healthier, just from regular brushing.  And I told him about all those old movies we've seen of women from the 1800s sitting by their mirror at night and brushing - 100 times - before bed.  They were using Mason Pearson brushes!

All of the brushes are still made in London.  They sell different sizes and varieties, based on your hair type.  The brush is incredible.  I know a lot of people don't use shampoo when using this brush, but our family does.  It feels like you're receiving a head massage when you brush and you are supposed to brush your hair everyday.  The girls, yes, even my Caroline, stand in line waiting to be brushed.  It feels different from any brush.  It cuts through their hair like butter when brushing through tangles.  And you know what, their hair looks different after brushing it: shinier and, just cleaner.

Yes Amy Karol, it is a magic brush.  And thank you, Bobby, for making my dreams come true. IMG_4925 IMG_4918

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