green onions








We have millions of them.

I spent an hour on Pinterest the other night looking up uses for them beyond the snipping into scrambled eggs, into salads, and so forth.  I haven't talked at all about our garden this summer.  There is a reason for that.  So the garden didn't really happen until like a month ago.  And it only half-happened.  We have lots of green onions and some pretty green lettuce just beginning to come up.  Oh, and 4 tomato plants growing outside of the raised beds from last year's planting.  I don't know if they'll make it.

We have two beautifully weeded beds with nothing planted in them.  In about a week the upcoming fall blooms will be available to plant.  And that is what the garden news is this summer.  Lots of green onions.  

One of my favorite things I made with them was a green onion dip.  I used greek seasoning, garlic, sour cream, and mayonnaise to the bunches of cut green onion.  It was really yummy on raw carrots, broccoli, and black bean corn chips.

Another favorite were these sesame green onion rolls.   I changed the recipe a bit but loved the idea of rolling the green onions into the dough.  I made a simple white bread dough in the bread machine, rolled out the dough to about 1/3 inch, and sprinkled lots of green onion and fresh garlic.  (If you grow herbs or cook with them, [amazon_link id="B006K9GEQE" target="_blank" ]these are the best herb shears[/amazon_link]--5 blades!) After rolling, slicing, and letting rise a bit, I added sesame seeds and a sweet ginger seasoning to the egg wash.

I would have cooked them for less time or lower temperature, but boy, were they tasty.   And my girls who were oh-so-bummed that I covered them in green onions actually loved them!

 Of course--I told them they would.


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