I think I'm pretty much in love with the color gray for this upcoming baby.  It seems like with each child I've had some color(s) stand out to me for decorating and dressing that child.  For Caroline and Johanna, I was into bright pinks and muted greens, and for the twins, turquoise and pink.

I've held onto this beautiful print from Sycamore Street Press for the last year, waiting and dreaming about who it is we will come to love in the fall.  The gray from this print has started my love with the color gray for this little boy.  And it will be the start or beginning of a little corner just for baby in our bedroom.

My baby boy bucket has been filled by a few gray things recently.

My first boy clothing I picked up the day after we found out what we were having.  A gray hippo set for a wee one!

And my dear friend, Michelle, happened to shower me with an awesome gift of a homemade diaper/wipe tote (gray!), some homemade burp cloths, and a little gray chevron baby outfit.  Maybe she knows my taste since she has four girls and one boy.

I picked up trim on my semi annual trip to the glorious  PA Fabric Outlet and I realized when I returned home I actually picked up gray.  A color I've never sought after before.  I even found a whole spool of clearanced gray bias tape for 98 cents.  I've already started using that on my girls.  I think there will be plenty left for something boyish.

I have made something for me recently which doesn't happen often.  A simple sleeve for my iPad with the beautiful Jay-Cyn Designs Field Friend in gray fabric.

The outside is the pretty forest scene and the inside is simply gray felt.  It is basic, but that is all I really needed.  As for the baby and the color gray, I'm thinking of gray for his "corner" in our room.  Since he'll be in our bed for a while, the corner will be simple with baby things I'll need throughout the day.  Isn't this a cool rocker I pinned?  And bibs?  And master bedroom baby nook??

 As the third trimester gets closer the nesting grows stronger.  An exciting time, indeed.

Any gray you want to share with the obsessed??

the sleepy time gal