granny's nightstand



Yesterday I told you about an old table my Aunt brought up from VA - it was my Granny's.  I don't ever really decline old furniture and how pleased I was, indeed, when I saw this greenish table and knew it was now mine.

I knew exactly where it was desperately needed: next to my bed.  You remember my bedroom wall makeover two summers ago with old frames I painted?  Within a few years, frames have come down, we went from a queen to king bed (no longer being able to use the brown bedspread) and have been unhappy with a blue duvet cover we've been using for some time.  Yesterday the girls and I began to makeover the room - using the brown bedspread in another way - and happily making the little greenish table a nightstand.


Don't you love the little table?

So much of what I sew with and cherish belonged to my Granny, so having her little table as my bed companion makes me quite happy.  Of course, I used things I already had around, like my prayer art from Persimmon and Pink, to change things up a bit.  The frame and text seems so much more fitting there anyway.  A rhododendron clipping from the front (a new bush I planted) and something green.  OK, the green plant, with a $2.50 price tag, was all I purchased for the makeover.  I found the basket at my mom's one day when I was helping her use her basket selection around the house.  She let me keep it.  :)  A crocheted doily given to us 8 years ago for our wedding and some shells we picked up at the Outer Banks a few summers back.


The Chinese scroll over our bed is an interesting story.  It was actually a gift from an old boyfriend many years ago.  It seems like we always hang it over our bed when we've run out of ideas.  I do love the scroll but right now it is acting as a space saver - if you know what I mean.

IMG_5564 IMG_5575 IMG_5587

And this is how the day ended.  We all piled on the "new" bed and read.

 Happy Wednesday!

the sleepy time gal