goodbye / hello


I can see the Christmas tree out of the corner of my eye.  I still come downstairs every morning and habitually plug it in before doing anything else.  I think it is telling me by its breaking limbs and brown tips to move on from this season and prepare for the next, that of a new year.  I'm still holding on to Christmas a little longer, though.



 I'm still enjoying family from out of town too much to accept that day-to-day life will return and next week at that.  But in the back of my mind I've begun some plans and goals for the new year.  I have plans to use my slow cooker more and plans to start the new year with a clean basement (fingers crossed).  Stuff like that.



  I've absolutely loved the slowness of our days this past week.  The house is in constant motion with running up and downstairs and in and out of play constantly.  There is so much new life in the house with daddy around a little more and new things to play with.    I've taken a few real naps this week on the couch and have actually had time to surf the internet.  Both activities that rarely happen.


I'll be enjoying every minute of these remaining December days.

Hear's to a (hopefully white) New Year's weekend to you and yours!

much love,

the sleepy time gal