good eats



Good morning!  We pulled into our driveway late last night after a really nice trip to North Carolina.

 While I play catch up today, here are a few things I think you'll enjoy from our trip.  We were fed incredible food from my sister-in-law and my good friend we visited on the way home.  Ironically, both ladies served up recipes from Pinterest.  Such modern homemakers, these ladies.  You've got to try:

Leah, our friend we visited on the way home looked on my Pinterest food board to find something to make.  It was incredible!

I could really up and move to Greensboro tomorrow.  There are so many incredible things to do: parks, science museums, children's museums, really cool cake shops, and World Market!  It is tradition that Christina and I visit World Market one night when all the kids are asleep.


I'm off to put a load in the washer.  See  you tomorrow...


the sleepy time gal